Saturday, December 26, 2009

This is Beirut; a distance for the dream

and everybody marched towards the distant city;
in that city they lit a fire
and in that fire, they die
and in the fire, they fear
they write a story that starts where it is supposed to end
and that ends like it had never started

Elias Khoury "the city doors"

This is not a city
this is Beirut
a distance for the dream

slowness invades the city in the weekends
like the sea
little noises and lovely voids
a resting void
a waiting void
a postponed calamity
I patrol the empty streets alone
for the first time I notice the details of Beirut
this city is like a well
it gives life to life
and like a well it takes it away endlessly
this city craves for destruction
the image of its upcoming catastrophe is already here
... total devastation

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